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Robin Allen

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When secrets unravel, ambitions collide, families explode, and love overflows—it's complicated.

It's Complicated: A Novel

Sage Kennedy is beginning a new position as Chief of Communications for the newly-elected governor of Georgia. She is a woman of commitment, passion, and vision—and no one understands this beautiful and desirable woman more than her fiancé Ramion Sandidge.

Ramion is an ambitious attorney with dreams to launch his own law firm and pursue political goals. Sage and Ramion are crazy-in-love and deeply committed to each other, but face obstacles that challenge their relationship. As Ramion makes moves to become a state senator against his vindictive ex-girlfriend and navigate around family complications and corruption.

As Sage embraces her bright future, she is pulled into the dark past. The death of a family member compels Sage to return home after a ten-year absence. 

Sage is pulled into an emotional storm that forces her to confront buried memories and shattering secrets. She remembers her father painting beautiful art when she was a little girl and how his death dramatically changed her life. Opening the door to her past brings a swirl of tumultuous emotions, a mystery surrounding her father’s death, and a shocking surprise that connects Sage’s past to the present and ushers in a whirlwind of challenging life changes.

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“Nothing like a good read to take your breath away…Lushfully details the romantic, career, and family entanglements surrounding a strong-willed Black woman who is trying to keep her life together.”


Praise & Reviews

"Ms. Allen stirs up a pot of suspense and romance, mixes in family drama and seasons it with multiple mysteries. The result: a feast of a story that is provocative and entertaining."

Shirley Harrison, USA bestselling author

"Robin Allen has done a beautiful job emphasizing family reunions. The prose is strong: clear, informative, and concise. I love the tone-it is celebratory and triumphant. I love the thematic symmetry of the poetry. This is lovely crafted work--one that should engage and inspire with a wonderful balance between prose and poetry."

Dr. Jewell Parker Rhodes, New York Times best-selling author and educator, Voodoo Dreams and Magic City

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About Robin Allen

Robin Allen is the author of several romance, suspense and YA novels and has served as a contributing writer/editor for several national publications. She has extensive experience working in corporate/digital communications management for major corporations.

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